Josh Kwolek Any news on where this comp is going to be?? No description on this event
October 24, 2023; 3:05pm EDT
Shawn Isaacs Its updated now Josh.
October 24, 2023; 9:16pm EDT
Brent Hall Partner Shawn Isaacs.
November 12, 2023; 2:24pm EST
Blake Hall Partner Justin Hardie
November 12, 2023; 6:13pm EST
Shawn Isaacs When paying add Kellie as a friend before paying to avoid paying fees please!
November 13, 2023; 9:28pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Seth if Alex is your partner then one of you need to drop. Only one needs to register. Thanks!
November 14, 2023; 6:37am EST
Brent Hall We got it Austin. Thanks
November 19, 2023; 9:03am EST
Zach Northern Update. Partner; Michael Yelton
November 19, 2023; 5:55pm EST
Mark Greer What time is the draw?
November 23, 2023; 10:49pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Mark im planning to do the draw at 6 today.
November 24, 2023; 7:07am EST
Mark Greer Sounds good
November 24, 2023; 12:21pm EST
Shawn Isaacs Session times will change. I can’t seem to edit them but so we are not fishing at dark we will start at 7 and finish at 5. Everyone needs to be there at 6am.
November 24, 2023; 5:54pm EST

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